Super Market

  • The Best Retail POS for Supermarket
  • Suitable for all Level/Scale Supermarket
  • Ensure Faster Billing Process
  • Integrated Barcode Scanning


  • Secure Management of Buying & Selling
  • Scan & Print with Barcode Software
  • Keep Track of Billings & Tax Returns

Apparel & Footwear

  • Manage Stock Records at Ease
  • Administer Your Business Efficiently

Food & Groceries

  • Easy Management of Small & Large Groceries
  • Manage the Vouchers Efficiently


  • Billing System that is Highly Efficient!
  • Manage Orders Accurately
  • Keep Track of Orders and Consignments


  • Easy to Use for Vendors & Sellers
  • Manage Back Office Works Easily
  • Keep a Control on the Inventory


Since long, large retail operators are successfully using various software programs to run efficiently multiple chains and outlets and achieve maximum profit. And now even the small and medium retailers are striving to mark their presence and therefore they are opting for similar retail software to run various processes for added benefits. We, at Swadesh Softwares, create and design tailor-made customized software and web services to meet our client’s demands and provide them with their desired requirements. My eTail App POS Software is maneuvered explicitly for all big and small retail businesses to help them:

  • Inventory management and control
  • Condensation of inventory expenses.
  • Stock products as per client requirement.
  • Maneuver better marketing advantages.
  • Negotiate and encourage enhanced deals with suppliers.
  • Escalate growth margins with effective retail tactics.
  • Creating purchase orders
  • Auto updates of prices
  • Scanning barcodes
  • Checking of accounts that are receivable and payable
  • Automatic update in ledger balance
  • Customized payroll system
  • Follow-up of customers
  • Tracking for better service
  • Online integration
  • Effective management of shops
  • Facility for electronic ordering

My eTail App captures all nooks and corners of the retail world from customer billing, inventory, barcode, finance, VAT, TDS, to final checkout of the customer from the cash counter. The motive behind this software is to help and develop a retail business and meet its business objectives efficiently and also increase productivity. Our software developers work towards providing advanced business intelligence solutions, accounting software and similar tools for improving your business. eTail apps help in designing a customized software that suits your business’s requirement best and allows you to stay ahead of your competitors. No matter what your business size is, or what sector you deal in, we have solutions for all these under the same roof.

Customer management

We offer a retail software that facilitates the attainment, amalgamation, cleansing and change detection of the data about customers like:

  • The personal and contact details of the shopper
  • Transaction history
  • Demographics
  • Preferences about lifestyle and shopping habits
  • E-commerce data

Software solutions

  • E-mail/SMS plugins- Get notified immediately via Email/SMS alerts on stock transactions. Get notifications on waning stock levels and every time a new purchase order is required to be made. Get instant notification as an alert on your account being compromised.
  • CRM- This enables you to Email/SMS your customers and informs about your special offers made on occasions like your store anniversary, festivals, etc. This feature is an assimilated part of CRM.
  • Freedom App- A quick and streamlined app that gives you the freedom to make purchases/sales orders on your phone while you are on the go. It enables you to edit your online reports and take quick business choices, even when you are away.
  • Synchronized Reports- Bulk allocation of your purchase, sales, stock returns and profit/loss data from your software program directly to Tally/Excel Sheets. Likewise, you can also transfer various customer data to and fro Word files.

A retail software enhances the marketing power of your business. The software is nothing but a tool for performing functions more smoothly. This is the reason why you need to select the most appropriate retail software for your particular requirements for successfully implementing and using them. You need to identify the specific areas of the business where you want to enhance the processes. There are vast areas of ERP, POS systems, supply-chain management or inventory management, which you will need to improve with the help of this software. With an advanced retail software solution, you will get the benefits of:

  • Improved quality and more rewarding relationships with customer
  • More familiar and faster decision making process
  • Shorter lead-time for reacting to developments in the market
  • Increased productivity of people
  • Gain the upper hand over your competitors
  • Improved revenues for a sustainable development

Enjoy the benefits of a retail software by making the most out of the software and increasing the productivity as well as boosting the performance of the staff. A retail software ensures that the system of managing the business becomes a hassle-free one.