HR And Payroll

  • Manage Human Resources Effectively
  • Maintain Attendance Records
  • Calculate Salaries Hassle-Free

Leave And Attendance

  • One Stop Solution for Salary Works
  • Eliminate Loads of Paperwork
  • Calculate Payments Accurately

Shift Planning

  • Plan the Shifts of Employees Effectively
  • Coordinate with all the Departments
  • Maintain Work Equilibrium
  • Demarcate Salary Structure
  • Evaluate the Performance of Employees
  • Integrate the Aspects of Payroll & Attendance


My eTail Payroll Software is a complete package of HR solutions for enterprises with simple and complex payrolls. It is designed to keep track of various companies and locations. The software assimilates itself with attendance to automate payroll processing. Besides hiring and firing, it is also the duty of human resource dept. to look after the timely payment of employees and their appraisals. My eTail Payroll software is well combined with:

  • report writing tool for HR feedback
  • regulating tool for maintaining CSR
  • login system for secured records of employee data
  • easy formulae for calculating attendance and leave
  • emailing of personalized pay slips to employees

We provide tailored payroll product which can easily solve your payroll matters. The software also impeccably integrates real-time attendance within its payroll system. Just design your payroll rules in the software and it will automate your payroll processes and solve all your payroll issues by itself.

Software solutions

  • Email/SMS Alerts - Get well-timed Email/SMS notifications on production/sales generated by employees. It is also designed to send attendance and performance updates to your employees.
  • Customized Payslips - Produce user-defined payment and salary structure with Bonus, PF, ESI, Gratuity, Professional Tax, TDS, etc. Bulk-email personalised pay slips to employees.
  • Performance Appraisal - Enables you to get real-time attendance information and performance record of employees. Our software is designed with best formulae derived from payroll, attendance and leave data.
  • Harmonized Reports - Easy conversion of payroll data from software to excel-sheet and vice versa. It dismisses all cumbersome paperwork/excel-sheet procedures.

Distinctive Highlights

  • HR and Payroll

My eTail Payroll software provides integrated services to cater to your human resource and payroll needs. It’s evident that payroll necessities vary from company to company. Hence, we strive to fulfill customer driven needs and condense all genres of businesses including sales, marketing, etc. Our various software solutions cater to all businesses.

The software:

  • Processes payroll in coactions with the attendance information
  • Routes salary as per personalized bonus, pf, gratuity, professional tax, tds income tax etc.
  • Mechanizes all payroll processes in a customized manner as per your company standards
  • Leave and Attendance

My eTail Payroll software is an exceptional value for money application. It promotes one click salary solutions and bids adieu to all cumbersome paperwork and extensive procedures of excel-sheet work. The conversion to the payroll software from your current paperwork/excel-sheet mode is also very user-friendly.

The software provides :

  • Stress-free calculation of overtime and correct payment for the same
  • Over-all assistance on the productivity and commitment of the workers
  • Thorough solutions to automate lengthy attendance process of small and big product/service industries
  • Shift Planning

My eTail Payroll software specifically cater to the manufacturing industry and offer tailored software to suit their shift planning and rooster management. Lack of coordination and proper shift planning often results in chaotic situation and imbalance in the union coordination arising difficulty in the factory production. To keep everything in balance we offer personalized software for:

  • User demarcated salary heads and salary structure
  • Keeping track of the employee’s salary and work history to consider performance evaluation
  • Continuous integration of attendance, payroll and leave management to analyze easy payroll formulae