• Handle Real Administrative Time Data
  • Maintain Register of Doctors on Duty
  • Clear Billing Information
  • Clear Records of Patient’s Medical History


  • Improved Quality of Sales Data Records
  • Keep a Note of the Cash Transactions
  • Timely Analysis of Sales Reports

Medical Laboratory

  • Print Prescriptions with Accuracy
  • Faster Report Generations
  • Secure Data Transfer Protocol


My eTail App caters services to pharmacies, chemists, hospitals, dispensaries and help them maintain their billing, stocks, records, patient appointments, etc. It provides finest supporting system to the Medical business upgrading itself frequently as per the market needs. Our purpose is to offer you software with fast, consistent, reliable and easy-to-use technology. It primarily maintains the following records with full data recovery preferences:

  • Patient appointments both online and on-phone
  • Patient medical records and history
  • Management of lab tests and equipment
  • Inventory management for pharmacies
  • Billing and Insurance Systems via desktop online application

We aim in maintaining proficiency and precision and we are committed to providing you with the best supporting system that is fully upgraded as per your pharmacy/hospital business needs. My eTail App turns your computer into a medical register for total electronic medical records. It helps you better understand your patients and mend their confidence in you which is dynamic to every medical business.

Software solutions

  • Paperless Management - Manage computerized medical records and get total control over sold, poached, expired and dumped stock handling. This prevents inflated billing errors with efficient Rx reports.
  • Freedom App – An efficient and time saving app that gives you freedom to make purchases/sales orders on your phone while you are away. It enables you to take quick business decisions even while you are traveling.
  • User-friendly Interface - Easy touchscreen interface to operate roster, room reservations and patient appointments. It enriches multi-patient handling and rapid billing procedures.
  • CRM - Hassle free management of patients’ medical history in hospital. Efficient treatment of patients with greater responsibility and synchronization amongst the staff.

Distinctive Highlights

  • Hospitals

My eTail App offer a special computer-based program that helps hospitals, dispensaries, nursing homes, etc. to serve patients with higher efficiency and accuracy. The software delivers real-time data to handle all basic hospital admin features like outpatients, inpatients, medical records, OPD, physicians in charge, drugs-stock, and lab records.

My eTail App offers :

  • Fast checking of occupancy at any given time
  • Rooster indicating doctors and other staffs on duty
  • Comprehensible billing status, including payments made/accumulated
  • Medical history and current treatment records of patients
  • Improved intra-organization synchronization through active communication
  • Pharmacies

Medicure Software lessens report generation time by instantaneously increasing precision and quality of your inventory and sales data. Our software is specifically suitable for traders, distributors, retailers, manufacturers, etc. Some of the salient features of this software are:

  • Batch wise stock position reports
  • Debit/credit note
  • Sales analysis report
  • Supplier and customer enquiry notes
  • Barcoding, scheduled reminders and transactions, etc.
  • Medical Laboratory

My eTail provides special designed software that fulfills the needs of all lab management fields, including reception, medical test results, inventory management, etc. We understand the fast growing necessities of medical labs and provide:

  • Accuracy enabled report printing of test results
  • Fast and easy generation of lab reports
  • Laboratory inventory management segment
  • Secured data transfer of trusted reports
  • Assimilated element containing billing and patient condition