Hotel And Resort

  • Easy Front & Back Office Functioning
  • Easy Bookings, Check-Ins/Check-Outs
  • Track the Hotel Payroll Systems
  • Plan Property Chain Management

Inn And Guesthouse

  • Train the Employees for Skill Upgradation
  • Accurate Audit Check Ups
  • Manage Daily Revenues
  • Timely Data Back-ups
  • Easy Reservations Process
  • Payments Done Swiftly

Bed & Breakfast

  • Save Time & Increase Productivity
  • Auto Alerts for the Guests
  • Store & Retrieve the Contact Lists
  • Access & Perform a Variety of Tasks Simultaneously
  • Get Application that is Accessible Via Phone & Web


My eTail App provides service to any business that involves room booking on a day-to-day basis and this include motels, hotels, cottages, villas, inns, hotels, resorts, guesthouses etc. It is an in-house Windows based application to automate several daily operations including:

  • Room bookings and reservations over web or phone booking.
  • Easy to use gateway for payments in cash, debit/credit cards.
  • Single/multiple POS terminals for restaurants, room service, spas, etc.
  • Well-organized management of housekeeping operations
  • Fast and hassle-free check-ins, check-outs, etc.

We also assert to provide our customers, hotel-reservation software which is enabled with world-class technology and great affordability. Our software is capable of managing all sizes and types of properties. Our prime objective is to deliver a booking mechanism with user friendly interface and its procedures for maintaining visitor records which is also free of technical terminologies.

Software solutions

  • CRM – Notify customers about their bookings via Emai/SMS and also provide information about various complimentary offers/discounts on packages.
  • User-friendly Interface - Touchscreen interface for easy Reservations, Check-in and Check-outs. It enables to maintain an efficient and clear visual of room status and stimulates easy booking confirmations.
  • KOT POS Hardware -Paperless user-friendly Interface with Bar Code reader, Kitchen Printer, Cash Drawer, etc. Hassle- free POS hardware, Single click KOT and kitchen sales operations are its elements.
  • Customized Rates - Maintain tailor-made rates for Travel Agents, Group Bookings, Corporate Bookings, etc. A unit of CRM that supports customer retention and loyalty.

Distinctive Highlights

  • Hotel and Resort

My eTail App provides software solutions for business of any size and scale and also offers Point of Sale, Front Office, Housekeeping, F&B, Store, and Inventory solutions in one single package.

Bundle package includes:
  • Quick Reservations, Check-ins and Check-outs
  • Finance, HR and Payroll systems
  • Third Party Integration

My eTail aims at providing services that not only serves your daily business chores but also helps you in planning your Property Chain Management.

  • Inn and Guesthouse

My eTail App offers property management software for Inns and Guesthouse businesses. Our software is highly pocket-friendly and best in technology for both standalone and networked booking systems. We guarantee easy check-ins and check-outs at front desk and our software allows you to train your workers within hours.

Major element includes :
  • Automatic day and night audits for continuous operation
  • Tailor-made rate system with revenue management tools
  • Full data backup tool with daily/monthly/yearly shift reports
  • Booking/reservation confirmation via email/SMS
  • High speed debit/credit cards handling interface
  • Bed & Breakfast

My eTail App proposes tailor-made, customized software for all different hotel businesses including Bed & Breakfast, Boutique Hotels, Farmstays, Homestays, etc. Our main goal is providing big and small hotel businesses with a software product that enhances their productivity by saving time and strengthening occupancy. Along with freedom and peace of mind our software offers.

The following significant benefits :
  • Automatic reminders to guests regarding their stays
  • Easy storage and retrieve of guest contact and history safely in one central location
  • Easy interface for quick and fast access of vital data and performing multiple tasks
  • Integrated web and phone applications for fast and efficient booking
  • Tailor-made records of guest preference
  • Management of flexible rate arrangement