Super Market

  • The Best Retail POS for Supermarket
  • Suitable for all Level/Scale Supermarket
  • Ensure Faster Billing Process
  • Integrated Barcode Scanning


  • Secure Management of Buying & Selling
  • Scan & Print with Barcode Software
  • Keep Track of Billings & Tax Returns

Apparel & Footwear

  • Manage Stock Records at Ease
  • Administer Your Business Efficiently


  • Solution to burdensome calculations within minutes
  • Secured sensitive financial data like revenues, profits, loans, etc.
  • Tailor-made feature to evaluate correct efficiency and progress of a business


  • Billing System that is Highly Efficient!
  • Manage Orders Accurately
  • Keep Track of Orders and Consignments


  • Easy to Use for Vendors & Sellers
  • Manage Back Office Works Easily
  • Keep a Control on the Inventory

Food & Groceries

Perishable and unpreserved goods along with high volume sales is an odd combination to maintain and it requires a different set of services and software to meet the demands. We offer software services for small and large scale groceries and solve all issues related to management of these perishable goods and their effective management.

This software comes with an easy Graphical User Interface which enables in bulk buying and loose selling. It enables you to operate from multiple locations and for multiple outlets. It also easily manages your Sales and Purchases, Debit/Credit Voucher, Journal/TDS/Transfer Vouchers. The software makes sure you are always updated with the latest Account Receivables/Accounts Payables and Trail Balance.