• Assistance in Accounting Processes
  • Perform Sales Calculations & Invoice Updates
  • Check the Supplies & Stocks Accurately

Manufacturing Unit

  • Take Care of Book-keeping And Accounting
  • Maintain Stocks, Supplies & Sales Reports
  • Review the Reports on Web, Anytime
  • Prepare Instant Invoices


  • Prepare Reports that are Accurate
  • Easy To Use For Non-Accounting Staffs
  • Centralized Access to Information Portal
  • Customized Applications, Reports & Bills


My eTail Accounting Software is an combined Windows based application containing basic and advanced accounting features like double entry system, general ledger, receivables and payables, etc. It is designed to unite multiple branches and outlets. It proficiently maintains your accounts to help you simplify your inventory, billing and accounting activities. Increasing number of businesses are now opting for in-house accounting software owing to benefits like :

  • Discipline in market finances
  • Solution to burdensome calculations within minutes
  • Secured sensitive financial data like revenues, profits, loans, etc.
  • Tailor-made feature to evaluate correct efficiency and progress of a business
  • Planned budgeting and forecasting undertakings to attain practical goals
  • Precise information for correct marketing strategies and product planning

Our software program provides services to businesses that need to document their incoming and outgoing cash flows including receipts, sales, purchases, payments etc. The best feature about My eTail App Accounting Software is that it archives all data and transfers them to your Tally/Excel Sheet effortlessly and without any hassle.

Software solutions

  • Customized Software - Design highly customized periodic transactions and Account Reconciliation Statements. Simplify your inventory, billing and accounting activities.
  • User-friendly Interface - Easy operational features like Graphical presentation of the Sales/Purchase, Profit/Loss reports, etc. It is designed in a way that even non-accounting staff can operate it effortlessly.
  • Financial Accountability - Integrated bookkeeping elements for total financial visibility of your business. Profit & Loss Account gives a vivid picture of the performance of your business.
  • Harmonized Reports - Bulk-transfer your purchase, sales, stock returns and profit/loss data from your software directly to Tally/Excel Sheets. Speedy and easy calculations of your tax-returns based on the financial reports.

Distinctive Highlights

  • Wholesale/Distribution

My eTail App offers special accounting software to assist wholesale and distribution businesses run their entire accounting operations impeccably. In wholesale and distribution industry, accounting features are configured on customer based sales force automation. Considering higher level of packaging, shipping, multi-order processing needs of this sector we offer a service product that:

  • Calculates sales and account receivables and updates invoices paid/accrued
  • Interprets graphical presentation of sales/purchase, profit/loss reports
  • Manages inventory and checks real-time supplies by tracing deposits and payments
  • Manufacturing Unit

My eTail App provides tailor-made product to look after the bookkeeping and the accounting needs of manufacturers. It assists in the maintenance of proper financial reports for tracking inventory, raw materials, deposits, invoices, etc. Since inventory forms a primary portion of manufacturing businesses, we help small and large manufacturers:

  • Merge and access data from one central location
  • Review or edit reports anytime with special web access or mobile app
  • Handle accounting tasks efficiently including billing, invoicing, reporting, etc.
  • Services

My eTail accounting software is based on specialized accounting principles to guarantee accurate reports and balanced maintenance of books. Our accounting software aims at providing you tailor-made product where on our software application you are eligible for local modifications. And this can be easily operated by any non-accounting staff. Our experience in software making has ensued in the modifications of tailor made software for the service industry. It assist a service business to:

  • Attain comprehensive hold of management and finances from a centralized location
  • Acquire prompt access to professional service data at single click of a browser or an app
  • Cultivate custom applications, invoices, payment reports, quality analysis and development techniques in a limited time period.