Super Market

  • The Best Retail POS for Supermarket
  • Suitable for all Level/Scale Supermarket
  • Ensure Faster Billing Process
  • Integrated Barcode Scanning


  • Secure Management of Buying & Selling
  • Scan & Print with Barcode Software
  • Keep Track of Billings & Tax Returns

POS hardware

  • Connect computers with money records
  • Get barcode readers and ocular scanners

Food & Groceries

  • Easy Management of Small & Large Groceries
  • Manage the Vouchers Efficiently


  • Billing System that is Highly Efficient!
  • Manage Orders Accurately
  • Keep Track of Orders and Consignments


  • Easy to Use for Vendors & Sellers
  • Manage Back Office Works Easily
  • Keep a Control on the Inventory

Apparel & Footwear

We offer a ready to use software for Apparel and Footwear retail stores. Our service caters to meet the need of exclusive and multi brand outlets, factory outlets, designer brand footwear, fashion and textile stores.

It manages and regulates your record in the form of size, design, color, etc. The distinct interface for Job Work like tailoring, alteration, sole fixing, and product exchange gives our software an edge over its competition.Our service aims at increasing your profit and maximizing governance over your business.