• Track Eating Habits in Customers
  • Table Bookings And Redemption of Loyalty Points or Vouchers Made Easy
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Billing Systems Made More Transparent
  • Make Your Business Mobile Operated
  • Send Notifications to Your Customers


  • Record Keeping of the Members Made Easy
  • Keep Track of the Accounts Efficiently
  • Send Reminders or Alerts on-time

Delivery And Takeaway

  • Customized Services for Taking Orders
  • Desktop & Mobile Ordering Facilities
  • Link Orders Accurately
  • Smooth Disbursal of Takeaway Orders

Food Court

  • Efficient & Quick CRM Services
  • Avail Features of a Barcode Reader & Printer
  • Payment Options Simplified
  • Represent the Sales Index Graphically


  • Record Membership Details
  • Track the Finances
  • Mark Attendance Digitally

Spa & Salon

  • Perform Operations Efficiently
  • Streamline Appointments
  • Keep Control of All Stocks


My eTail App, a software preferred by all the leading Food and Beverage brands, is a one click, ready-to-use software that gives instant solutions in meeting customers at dine restaurants, discos, clubs, pub, bar, etc. The app is designed in understanding the needs and eating trends of customer and with its restaurant management software, it helps in overcoming all ordeals that comes in making a perfect delivery service. The software is meticulously designed to capture all features of bar and restaurant businesses. The software is designed keeping in mind all the aspects and it keeps a record with the help of inventory software, restaurant software, restaurant billing software and restaurant POS system. It is designed considering all aspects of material management and includes:

  • Table reservation
  • Itchen display system
  • Promotions and gift vouchers
  • Loyalty programs
  • Web based reporting and a lot more

All restaurants, cafes, bar have a keen interest in having software that meets their interest on rush hours. Our product is specifically designed to tackle table orders during peak hours. With the help of new and improved software solutions, we tend to cater all your business needs and meet up to your expectation along with serving your customers with valued service. We value your reputation and provide you software which is fast, reliable and easy-to-use. Our goal is to bring the best in you when it comes to offering customer service.


  • Web Reporter

This application enables you to keep a track of your business while traveling or on leave by logging on to your personal URL. Inventory software and restaurant billing software gives a clear access to the business done in your absence.

  • Express Mobile KOT System

A sophisticated and high-end mobile enabled feature. With this application, the waiter/steward can take orders on his phone itself. All he needs to do is send that electronic order to the kitchen where the server computer is located to take a printout of the Kitchen Order Taken.

  • Notification via Email/SMS

Send notifications to customers via Email/SMS and remind them about your Bills-Receivables. Also Email/SMS your suppliers to inform them about pending stock delivery.

  • Synchronized Reports

Bulk allocation of your purchase, sales, stock returns and profit/loss data from your software program directly to Tally/Excel Sheets. Likewise, you can also transfer various customer data to and fro Word files.

Distinctive Highlights

  • Restaurant and Bar Software

My eTail App is designed suitably to work in bar, cafes, restaurants, night club, etc. Its simple approach and easy to use techniques are specially programed for your POS needs. Irrespective of your number of outlet or chains, My eTail App helps you in meeting your POS needs with simple and easy-to-use software. Our POS Software works both with touch screen and desktop systems.

The main module includes :

  • Material Management – Our high-end modified app helps in keeping a track of your inventories and manages it without any wastage.
  • Table Reservation – Which steward is serving which table, everything is managed with a simple KOT mechanism.
  • Kitchen Display System – From ‘order received’ to ‘delivered’ everything is done on KOT system, without wasting any paper and the entire process is completely hassle-free and easy to operate.
  • Loyalty Programs – With restaurant software system, one can range their experience in your outlet and can mark their loyalty towards your venture.
  • Promotions and Gift vouchers – My eTail App enables you to design combo meals and keep a track of promotions which in turn wins you loyal customers.
  • Indent and new orders – Modifications in a new order or any alteration in order can be easily done with express KOT manager available in the restaurant inventory and billing software.
  • Club

Our simple and accessible Windows based application also helps the club businesses operate their various operations. Clubs are generally meant for refreshing purpose. Maintaining various clubs related operations to make sure every need of the club members is fulfilled is quite necessary. We offer our clients best customized software for tracking membership and recording :

  • Joining, renewal and birth dates – keeps a record of your personal details.
  • Membership fees – records your paid membership and its validity.
  • Email or other internet IDs – to inform you about the latest programs and activities.
  • Membership type, special notes, pictures – records your membership variant and provides different offers according to it.
  • Lapsed/defunct membership – informs you about out-dated or lapsed membership.
  • Delivery and Takeaway

Our online delivery system is tailor-made and customized for restaurants and takeaways. We have on our platter both desktop and mobile ordering systems to match your business requirements. This system also helps deliveryman to link particular order proficiently without any confusion. Our tailor-made software serves specific eateries including:

  • Lunch time food deliver
  • Takeaway
  • Cafe & coffee shops
  • Fast food
  • Catering companies
  • Sandwich shops
  • Pizza bars
  • Food Court

Our restaurant POS system is designed keeping in mind the low computer literacy of the employees working in the food court. Food courts are amongst the busiest places that demand quick operational decisions and best CRM skills. We provide special software to manage your highly perishable inventory with barcode reader, scanner, printer, etc. Special features of the software are as follows :

  • Support single/multiple food chains
  • Keyboard/mouse and touchscreen KOT and billing
  • Easy identification of items tagged with photo
  • Quick and easy payment options with cash, cards and gift coupons
  • Graphical interpretation of sales for better financial analysis
  • Gymnasium

Keeping in mind the growing demand for health centers, gyms, training and wellness centers, we have designed our app to keep a record of membership and booking details. Membership planning is the main challenge here and our aim is to solve every issue related to check-in, checkout, and equipment access control, etc. You can bulk email your members to inform about:

  • Registration details of members – inform your customers about registration fees and renewal date.
  • Membership plans, package offers – send bulk email to notify about offers and updated plans.
  • Fees paid / fees accrued – keep a record of your customers fees paid and accrued.
  • Attendance – paperless, hassle free attendance marking system.
  • Revenue data – keep a track of the revenue collected and analyze your profitability.
  • Spa and Salon

It's efficient operating software for spa and salon businesses. The software is tailor made to keep a track of your inventory, and streamline your appointments and service activities to avoid no-shows.

My eTail App Spa and Salon System comes with integrated Appointment Books with POS, touchscreen interface, user defined security system, graphical report analysis etc.

Managing and keeping a track of both single and multiple outlets is easy with this software as it provides complete stock control with accurate inventory count and auto-consumption facilities using material bill.